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A Skilled Business and Personal Injury Litigation Attorney

Based in Beverly Hills, We Represent Anyone Across Southern California From Santa Barbara Down To San Diego.

Verdicts and Settlements

Over the last 10 years, Attorney Philip Kaufler has had numerous high-profile cases earning verdicts and settlements exceeding $50 million dollars.

$7.8 Million

A jury in 2013 awarded a prominent Los Angeles attorney $7.8 million for his time after his client wont a multimillion dollar settlement.

$7.7 Million

Awarded to LLC for breach of contract.

$6 Million

Verdict awarded to man who’s automobile was hit by a bus.

$3 Million

Movie producer ordered to pay $3 million to former assistant for sexual harassment and creating a hostile work environment.

$2.5 Million

Kaufler pursued his client’s former husband’s complex contracts and studied the long-term pay structures specific to Hollywood’s entertainment industry.  A verdict was reached at $2.5 million.

$2.4 Million

Accounting Malpractice Action awarded to wife after writer-producer couple divorced. Verdict awarded for incompetently analyzing husband’s assets.

$1 Million

Verdict for Man’s Abuse of Mother Upheld

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We Practice Business Litigation, Estate Litigation, and Personal Injury

Sometimes our clients come to us with a commercial or business matter and they need assistance beyond that. Since we are a firm that puts our clients’ needs first, we do what we can to assist them. In particular, we can provide representation when it comes to personal injury or litigation involving a will/trust. We also handle business litigation, legal malpractice and entertainment litigation.  If a client is in need of representation from our firm, then we will do whatever we can to assist them.

Attorney Philip Kaufler

Philip Kaufler

Our Reviews

“Philip renewed my faith in lawyers and the judicial system. He helped me understand what my case was about. I could not have had my $2.5M award without his hard work.”

“Philip handled a very complex case with the MTA which awarded me with $6M.”

“Philip won a $1M judgment against a family member who abused their position as executor of his mother’s estate.”


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