Through Skilled Litigation, We Have A History Of Results In The Courtroom

We Don’t Shy Away From High Profile Cases

Here at Law Offices of Philip Kaufler, P.C., we have a history of going to court and getting results. We have taken on multiple high-profile commercial and business law cases, and with each one, we make sure to fight for not only our client in court, but in the public eye as well. We understand how important a reputation can be and that is why we ensure client confidentiality in every case.

A Proven History

We walk into the courtroom with confidence. We are very proud of our previous results in court, because it’s an example of everything we’ve accomplished for our clients. Not only have we won them compensation, but we have proved them correct in a court of law. This is a powerful moment for many of our clients.

Our primary attorney, Philip Kaufler, understands what it takes to win in a courtroom. Based in Beverly Hills, California, he’s seen his fair share of cases. Over time, he and our firm’s portfolio has increased significantly to the point where we are capable of offering a variety of representation options. Some of the areas we practice in include:

  • Commercial and Business Law
  • Personal Injury
  • Wills and Trusts Litigation
  • Attorney Malpractice

We fight back for our clients. Whether you need an attorney to take on a massive corporation that has placed blame on you, or you’ve been injured and are seeking out compensation, Law Offices of Philip Kaufler, P.C., is there to provide the assistance you want.

Find An Attorney To Represent You In Court

Never go into court without a strong attorney. Let us provide one for you so you can feel like you’re being protected the way you should be.

To speak to us about finding representation, call us today at 323-897-7397 or use our online contact form.